Workshops: 6 Week Acting on Camera




A 6-Week Workshop evolves around the various aspects of acting on camera. The objective of the day is to find a comfortable working relationship with the camera. The course entails acting exercises, auditions, scenes using existing/original scripts, presenting, interviewing, continuity, relationship with fellow actors, improvising and discovering some of the secrets of screen acting - and of course lots of fun!
The actors will be encouraged to feel at ease in front of a camera and find a truth in their performance.

Time will be reserved at the end of each workshop for reviewing the material. All participants will be asked to think of an original small story/scene (about five to ten minutes) and one location, which features them in the principle role, using the other participants as co-stars or extras. Each story/scene will be filmed and presented in video format for your personal use at the end of the course.

Actors are usually restricted by time and technicalities during a filming schedule. This course aims to give the space to discover and experiment, make mistakes and free you from any inhibitions in front of a camera. We will explore the unique quality that every individual can bring to film.